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Last week’s World Book Day was celebrated in our Junior School and Pre-Prep, with staff and pupils dressing as their favourite characters and taking part in fun activities.

World Book Day is a registered charity that aims to give every child and young person a book of their own. With this in mind, our Junior School adopted a ‘craft your own costume’ theme, encouraging pupils to create their own outfits and then donate the money saved to this charity. Year 3 pupil, Viola, explains: ‘I learnt that our donations will go to children who don’t have books so that they can have a better education.’ Also in Year 3, Otto added: ‘I think it is very important to get involved in World Book Day so we can help others whilst enjoying ourselves.’

During World Book Day, Junior School pupils took part in two competitions: Extreme Reading (where pupils took photos of themselves reading somewhere unusual) and Book Box (where pupils created a book world inside a cereal or shoe box).

The whole day was a great success, with some truly amazing costumes on display. Year 3 pupil, Ruby, said: ‘I heard other people saying what they like about their chosen characters and now I know more about other books.’

In the run-up to World Book Day, award-winning author Gareth P Jones also visited our Junior School to talk about his work. With books ranging from the wildly funny adventures of the Pet Defenders series, to the intriguing mysteries of Death or Ice Cream? and the sci-fi thriller No True Echo, there was lots for pupils to hear about.