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This Term, we’re delighted to be able to make an exciting and careful return to several school excursions post lockdown!

Our Y13 Geographers have recently arrived back home from a trip to the Blencathra Field Studies Centre in the heart of the Lake District so that they can complete the physical fieldwork component of their A Level.

Enjoying glorious weather over the 3 days, pupils were introduced to a variety of data collection techniques to assist them in in the completion of their A Level coursework.

An exciting timetable of exploration

Mr Blackshaw, Director of Outdoor Education said: “The first Monday afternoon was spent locally to the centre investigating infiltration rates on a variety of land uses. On Tuesday, we ventured to the peat bog of Brund Fell in the Borrowdale valley and spent the day measuring carbon content which included measuring the depth of the bog (6m in places) and discovering that the whole thing acted like a giant trampoline which made for some fun games of seeing how much they could make the teachers move by all jumping at once!”

“Wednesday morning involved a Geographical Investigation Systems (GIS) workshop using satellite imagery and data to create maps, before a short walk up onto Blencathra to admire the stunning views of the central fells.”

The central fells on Blencathra

All students came away enthused about their subject, having had the chance to experience physical Geography first hand outside the classroom. They are now putting the techniques they learned into practice as they prepare their own investigations.

Year 13 pupil Mimi said of the trip: “Having been on many school trips over the years, this one was certainly the best. The location was beautiful, and our timetable was manageable and fulfilling. I found it really informative and the skills I learnt when measuring infiltration rates are ones I’m going to apply when writing my NEA. Being able to implement skills I have learnt in the classroom in a practical setting has further enhanced my learning.”

Ms Joss, Teacher of Geography and Head of Midgate House who helped host the trip, said: “The Y13 pupils were a pleasure to take away for 3 days – they worked hard getting to grips with the fieldwork techniques, and largely seemed to enjoy spending some time outdoors and away from their usual routines. It was great to finally be able to run a residential fieldtrip again! Huge thanks to Mr Brandt and Mr Blackshaw for leading.”