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‘Last week, the whole of Year 8 went to Northumbria for two nights. We got the train to Newcastle, then went straight by coach to Hadrian’s Wall. We looked around Vindolanda Fort and Museum, which was very interesting, then visited the Roman Army Museum and watched a short film before going on a walk along Hadrian’s Wall.

‘On our second day, we visited Bamburgh Castle, which was amazing, before eating lunch on the beach and having a religion and philosophy talk.

‘We then drove to the small town of Seahouses, where we went on a very exciting boat trip to the Lindisfarne Islands. We saw lots of beautiful birds there and were even lucky enough to have a dolphin swimming along beside us!

‘For dinner, we went to a lovely fish and chip restaurant before watching Aladdin at a local cinema. We visited an interactive science museum the next morning and had a look around the city before getting the train back to London. Overall, we had a great time in Northumbria on our really amazing and interesting trip!’