Great Lakes High School

By helping transform facilities and directly sponsoring pupils, Highgate is making a difference to the educational opportunities in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Our continued support has helped transform facilities at Uganda’s Great Lakes High School (GLHS), as well directly sponsor pupils.

With no free education system, schooling a Ugandan child costs 50p a day or £180 a year. Although a small sum for the average British citizen, it is simply too much for most Ugandan families and many children go uneducated. This is especially true for girls, who are much less likely to complete school and typically marry at 17-18 years. Education is vital in providing other choices and opportunities for these young women.


A donation of £180 - 50p per day -
covers GLHS fees for one year.
While small for many in the UK,
this is beyond the reach of most Ugandans.

Highgate is proud to have supported GLHS, a well-performing secondary school in southwest Uganda, since its 2008 foundation. GLHS currently educates over 300 pupils between 13 and 20 who complete Ugandan O and A levels, and undertake co-curricular activities. Education is seen as a way of overcoming poverty and, since most pupils come from poor backgrounds, there is a strong work ethic. Many GLHS pupils wake at 4am to start their studies!

A number of Highgate pupils, parents, OCs and staff support GLHS by making an annual donation of £180, which gives a Ugandan child access to education.

In 2019, Highgate raised an incredible £110,000 through our sponsored walk from LAET to Hampstead Heath. Our fundraising for GLHS has enabled:

  • The building of a new science laboratory so that all pupils can have practical science lessons
  • The creation of a new tapped water point, providing a much-needed reliable and accessible water supply to the school
  • The purchase of a new school truck to help with the logistics of running a busy secondary school in a remote location

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