“We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy daily exercise in the Spring sunshine, even if they don’t have access to a garden or park during the current lockdown.” Head, Adam Pettitt

Our School sports field is open to the local community each weekday morning and evening free of charge. We welcome walkers, runners and sprinters of all levels.

Public exercise times

Monday – Friday 

Exercise times for local residents who are elderly or vulnerable

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

We have adequate outdoor space to safely accommodate a maximum of 40 local residents who want to do their daily exercise close to home. You can enter the field via the Gate opposite our Junior School (see the map below) on Bishopswood Road.

We are keen to stress that we don’t want to encourage travel from further afield via the use of cars or public transport in case this poses any risks to the public using the grounds, so are only making the outdoor space available to locals who can walk to the School.

Where we are


  • Do visit for an hourly walk, jog or run as many weekdays as you like during lock down.
  • Do be aware that there will be no access to toilet facilities on the premises.
  • Do bring your own fitness towel and water.
  • Do respect our out of bounds areas which will be clearly marked up.
  • Do maintain our litter free environment by binning/recycling any drinks bottles or energy snack wrappers as you leave.
  • Do feel reassured that we will have staff on site ensuring that two metre distances are kept between visitors.


  • Don’t bring your dog for your run. Unfortunately we cannot allow them on the School premises.
  • Don’t bring bikes onto the premises, including those belonging to small children.
  • Don’t come in groups of more than two from the same household, unless you are coming with children.
  • Don’t infringe the two metre spacing distance for both your safety and the safety of others.
  • Don’t leave children unattended while you’re here, we cannot offer supervision for any children our visitors bring with them.
  • Don’t bring picnics or come to sunbathe. We are offering our facilities for daily exercise only.


The Field