Highgate is the lead educational sponsor of the London Academy of Excellence, Tottenham

The London Academy of Excellence Tottenham is a sixth form free school.

It provides an academically rigorous sixth form education to children in the Tottenham area, following the successful model of the LAE in Stratford (also one of our partner schools). It was opened in 2017, in response to an identified need for improved post-16 education in the borough (52% of pupils leave for post-16 education) and delivers A levels prized by universities and employers, whilst retaining close community links through the Chrysalis East programme

‘Our seconded teachers revel in the opportunity to help LAET to be the place for academic rigour! —Adam Pettitt, Highgate Head

Highgate provides governance and is the lead education sponsor. We second both teaching and support staff to LAET. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is LAET’s lead business sponsor. In the 2022-23 academic year, 15 teachers, and 3 non-teaching Highgate staff members are officially seconded to LAET with other meaningful staff resources deployed throughout the year, for example, CPD training and joint planning.

Before LAET opened, only 1% of Tottenham A level candidates left for Russell Group universities. With the help from Highgate, the pioneering LAET cohort have created history: the Class of 2020 achieved record success, with over two thirds of the cohort going to Russell Group universities, nine to Oxbridge and 13 to study medicine, veterinary science or dentistry.

Third cohort A level results 2020-21


of students to global
top 100 universities


Students to Oxford or Cambridge


of leavers going to Russell Group universities

Sixth Form College of the year 

LAET was named The Sunday Times Sixth Form College of the Year 2021, reflecting the transformational impact the school has had in the lives of its students. 

Alastair McCall, editor of Parent Power, said “Our top Sixth Form College has the country’s current top football team as its business partner. Housed in premises within the new Tottenham Hotspur development. The children have scored heavily in their A-levels both last year and again this year, with more than two-thirds of the students progressing to Russell Group universities and 11 gaining places at Oxford or Cambridge this summer, unprecedented numbers for the area. The dynamic partnerships with Spurs and Highgate School in the independent sector promise even greater things in the years ahead.”

LAET Headteacher, Jan Balon said: “We are exceptionally proud of what is being achieved by our students here in Tottenham. They are proving that given the right support they will flourish and I’m excited about the future impact they will have in the local area and beyond.”

'LAET has provided me with the means to recognise and achieve my goal. — Tam Le, LAET first generation 2017-2019

Chrysalis East

This programme of partnerships is following Highgate’s successful Chrysalis model and will see LAET supply independent school-standard teaching in its four Tottenham feeder schools. The project aims to enhance the academic outcomes for higher ability students and increase the proportion of Tottenham school leavers going on to the most competitive university destinations and employment. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, LAET and Highgate can do so much for the aspirational young people in Tottenham, now and in the future.