In 2017, through our Chrysalis Partnership Programme, Highgate became the primary educational sponsor of the London Academy of Excellence in Tottenham (LAET).

LAET is a new sixth form free school that follows the successful model of the LAE in Stratford (also one of our partner schools) to provide an academically rigorous sixth form education to children in the Tottenham area. It was created in response to an identified need for improved post-16 education in the borough (52% of pupils leave for post-16 education) and delivers A levels prized by universities and employers, whilst retaining close community links, as pupils undertake outreach activities.

‘Our collaboration with LAET is in its infancy, albeit a vigorous, fast-growing one. —Adam Pettitt, Highgate Head

Highgate provides governance and is the lead education sponsor. We second both teaching and support staff, meaning the equivalent of six teachers from Art, Chemistry, English, Geography, Mathematics and Physics spend between two days and five days per week teaching there. In addition, Highgate also provides the Director of Academic Studies, an HR manager and five members of the governing body. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is LAET’s lead business sponsor.

We are keen that pupils from Highgate and LAET see each other as peers and, as such, share their sixth form experience as much as possible. This relationship is symbolised right at the beginning of Year 12, when each group of pupils takes part in a joint sixth form induction day. Pupils continue to engage with each other throughout their time, taking part in joint activities as entire year groups and working collaboratively as subject cohorts – pupil “exchanges” have taken place in Geography, Politics, English, Physics, Maths and Art.