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Working from home has been so much fun. I get up in the morning and put on my school clothes and there is no rush to get to school. I sit at the table and watch my teachers on my iPad and do my work. I have learnt a lot at highgate@home with my Mum as one of my teachers. I have learnt about dinosaurs, life cycles of frogs and butterflies, minibeasts, animals and lots of Maths which I love.

I miss my friends and my teachers but I get to play with my baby sister and play football with my brother and Dad in the garden. I also miss my grandparents but I get to see them on FaceTime and Zoom calls.

Soon someone will find a cure to the virus and become famous and a hero like the NHS.

Harley About the author
Harley – Pre-prep Pupil
Harley in a Pre-Prep pupil in Squirrel Class. Maths is one of his favourite subjects and he especially enjoys learning about nature.